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Jelly Roll (2.5" strips)

Fabric > Pre Cut > Jelly Roll (2.5" strips)
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2-1/2in Strips Fairy Frost Snow 40pcs/bundle


2-1/2in Strips Graceful 40pcs


2-1/2in Strips Roll Up Kona Solids Sunrise Palette 43pcs


2.5in Strips Azulejos 40pcs/bundle


Chroma Batiks Jelly Roll® 4366JR Moda Precuts#1


Coming Up Roses Jelly Roll® 39780JR Moda Precuts#1


Crystal Lane Jelly Roll®


Evermore Jelly Roll® 43150JR Moda Precuts#1


Fire And Ice Batiks Jelly Roll® 4360JR Moda Precuts#1


Firefly Jelly Roll® RS2066JR Ruby Star Precut#1


Flamenco 2.5 Strips


Old Glory Jelly Roll® 5200JR Moda Precuts#1


Picture Perfect Jelly Roll® 21800JR Moda Precuts#1


RJ5400P-2.5S Everything But The Kitchen Sink XVI 2.5 Strip


Shoreline Jelly Roll 55300JR Moda Precuts#1


Strawberry Lemonade Jelly Roll® 37670JR Moda Precuts#1


Sunny Skies 2.5 Inch Rolie Polie, 40 Pcs.


Wild Blossoms Jelly Roll® 48730JR Moda Precuts#1